We are proud to offer Spanish classes via La Escuela Del Sol.  With a college level curriculum, excellent teachers and over 2,000 students taught, LEDS has been a pioneering Spanish school in Costa Rica for the last 10 years.   

Our Spanish immersion programs in Cabuya will allow you the opportunity to practice with locals whilst improving your learning in a fun and supportive environment. Whether it’s your first time learning Spanish or the culmination of a lifelong dream, La Escuela Del Sol is an unparalleled place to study Spanish! “Ticos” (what Costa Ricans call themselves), famous for their hospitality and Pura Vida ways, are also well known for their “clean” and understandable accent compared to most Spanish speaking countries.

Spanish courses can be combined with yoga or volunteering ONLY.  Spanish is not compatible with Surfing courses although there may be adventure excursions available, offered a la carte.  

All students will receive nearly 2 hours of applied learning along with nearly 2 hours of classroom instruction (Monday-Friday). 

Applied learning is where you will put your new knowledge to the test on a daily basis, reinforcing what you’ve already learned.  This could mean a board game, a scavenger hunt or a walk to the waterfall with your instructor.  Quite often during your afternoon session you will have the opportunity to use your newly found language skills with Cabuya locals in a fun hands-on experience.

“Rather than repeat all the wonderful things about LEDS that others have said let me sum up my language experience with this story. On the van ride to the ferry the driver and I only spoke a few spanish phrases. One week later on the return trip the same driver and I spoke to one another in spanish for two hours. It may not have been perfect spanish but I was amazed with how much I learned and how comfortable I was with the language.”

What to expect

  • Nearly 2 hours of Spanish classroom study, M-F (90 mins. if 1 on 1)
  • Nearly 2 hours of Applied learning, M-F (90 mins. if 1 on 1)
  • All meals provided from our personal chef except lunch/dinner on Saturdays
  • Choice of simple, deluxe, or private accommodation
  • Free shuttles to Montezuma
  • Fun surprises along the way